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Programs and Services for Libraries

SEFLIN is a nonprofit Multitype Library Cooperative that provides librarians continuing education opportunities (CE Credits for librarians),  social services in libraries, vendors’ discounts, consortia purchases, and more.

Training Events for Librarians

Complete list of Upcoming Events  | On-Demand through Niche Academy


SEFLIN (Southeast Florida Library Information Network), Inc. is one of the nation’s largest multi-type library cooperatives (MLC). SEFLIN member libraries/library systems represent more than 300 public, academic, and school libraries serving a culturally rich and diverse population of more than 6 million Floridians.

SEFLIN was established in 1984, beginning as a demonstration project funded by the State’s Division of Library & Information Services with a federal LSTA grant. Today, SEFLIN is known locally, regionally, and nationally as a leader in collaboratively planning and providing: (1) a comprehensive continuing education program for library staff, (2) the joint use of technology to expand library services, (3) enhanced resource sharing opportunities between member libraries/library system, and (4) social services support.

SEFLIN provided a market value of $5 million in services.

SEFLIN is dedicated to supporting cooperation between all library types in our service area. SEFLIN offers continuing education opportunities for librariansconsortia purchases, and social services.