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OneCard 2023 REFRESH


Libraries have become third spaces for our communities. With Southeast Florida Library Information Network’s (SEFLIN) OneCard, you gain access to our academic, public, and special library partners at no cost. Whether you are into deep research, emerging technological resources, or need space to work, we have many libraries that can meet your needs. Sign up today at!

OneCard 2023 REFRESH
SEFL-SERVE OneCard QR code

Open More Library Doors 

Southeast Florida

The purpose of the SEFLIN OneCard program is to facilitate reciprocal borrowing among academic, public, and school libraries in the SEFLIN region.

The SEFLIN region includes Broward, Martin, Miami-Dade, Monroe, and Palm Beach Counties.

Find What You Need

A Treasure of Resources
Research, start a podcast, use a 3D printer, and find the perfect story time. Our participating libraries offer a wide array of spaces, special collections, and so much more. You are sure to find what you need and find things you didn’t know you needed!

Library Passport

Going Places!

The OneCard will take you to new places. You will only need one OneCard to have access to all of our OneCard libraries.



Available to Patrons

Our refresh includes self-service for patrons interested in obtaining OneCard Library Passport rights. Use your camera phone and focus on the QR code to be directed to the self-serve form. 

General SEFLIN OneCard Policy

As a participating member of the Southeast Florida Library Information Network (SEFLIN), this library participates in the OneCard Reciprocal Borrowing Program.  Once a library patron obtains a library card from their participating home library, this program opens access to all participating libraries regardless of residency or enrollment. 

How It Works

You may obtain a OneCard/Reciprocal Borrower Card by submitting your information here. Once your form has been submitted, let the library staff at your home library know that you have submitted the form for the OneCard. The library staff will then note your good standing in the form responses for all other participating libraries to access for verification. 

If your home library chooses to do so, a OneCard sticker will be affixed to the back of your library card. When you visit any participating OneCard Library, you will present your home library card to the library staff who will verify your good standing in the form responses and add you as a OneCard patron in their library database. 

Please note: 

  • Accounts must be in good standing at the patron’s home library before a OneCard/Reciprocal Borrower Card will be issued. 
  • Library patrons are responsible for following all policies of the library that they check out materials from. 
  • Library patrons may be assessed fines and fees in accordance with local library policy. 
  • Library patrons are responsible for returning items to the library from which they were borrowed. 
  • Libraries may place reasonable restrictions on materials loaned to and privileges of OneCard/Reciprocal Borrower Card users based upon the SEFLIN OneCard agreement. 
  • OneCard/Reciprocal Borrower Card does not entitle users to use of online or electronic library materials, on or off-site, unless local library policy allows it. 
  • Non-resident cards that are valid for less than 12-months may not be used to obtain a OneCard/Reciprocal Borrower card, unless local library policy allows it. 

For library staff: 

To Issue a OneCard

  • When a library patron requests a OneCard/ Reciprocal Borrower Card, first verify that their home library is a OneCard participant. 
  • Next, review the form responses and verify that the borrower’s account is in good standing. 
  • If the account is in good standing at the home library, issue a OneCard/ Reciprocal Borrower Card to the patron valid for 12 months for issuance date (unless local policy allows for a longer term). 

Technical Information

  • OneCard participation is open to SEFLIN members only
  • SEFLIN may negotiate “opt-in” reciprocal borrowing agreements with member libraries of other Florida MLCs
  • OneCards should be created as a reciprocal borrower patron type (p-type)
  • Libraries are responsible for restricting reciprocal borrower p-types in accordance with local policy and in agreement with the SEFLIN OneCard agreement
  • Libraries shall report number of reciprocal borrower cards issued, and, if possible, circulation statistics limited to the reciprocal borrower patrons, no less than quarterly (Oct 1, Jan 1, April 1, and July 1). 
  • Libraries may choose their desired method of card issuance. If desired, SEFLIN will provide reciprocal borrowing stickers.
    • If using stickers: affix a SEFLIN OneCard sticker to patron’s home library card


SEFLIN will provide OneCard marketing materials, including electronic versions of the OneCard and SEFLIN logo. If requested, SEFLIN will provide OneCard stickers. Each library shall promote OneCard at their circulation desks with this QR-coded flyer.  

SEFLIN will maintain a OneCard informational website with regional policy information and a listing of participating libraries. 

Participating libraries must include the OneCard/Reciprocal Borrowing program in their “how to obtain a library card” information.

Please acknowledge the program as such: 

“The SEFLIN OneCard Reciprocal Borrowing Program is provided by SEFLIN to participating libraries as a member service of SEFLIN and is fully funded by SEFLIN member libraries. No State of Florida grant monies are expensed to provide this service.”

General Procedures

Staff Procedures at HOME LIBRARY

1. Ask Patron to submit form using the QR code on the flyer

2. Open form responses sheet and insert comment to indicate good standing in column H “Patron Good Standing”

3. An email notification is automatically received by SEFLIN with this information and is available to anyone viewing the sheet

4. For those who choose to use stickers, affix a OneCard sticker to the back of the Home Library card

Staff Procedures at ONECARD LIBRARY

1. Patron is directed to library staff at OneCard Library & presents Home Library card

2. Circulation verifies good standing by reviewing entry in form responses sheet

3. Patron is added to OneCard Library system with p-type for OneCard User

4. Statistics are collected using OneCard User p-type & reported to SEFLIN each quarter (Oct 1, Jan 1, April 1, and July 1) by emailing

OneCard Refresh FAQs

Q: Will we need to create a unique patron type with our ILS and then create a report quarterly to report to you? This is a lot of additional work for us.

A: Yes and we hope this refresh will actually be LESS work for staff! Because patrons can now access a self-service form, staff no longer has to perform the data entry in a separate system. When creating a patron record in your library’s ILS, staff will assign a unique patron type of your choice and be able to collect data on OneCard users for quarterly reports. 

Q: Will patrons need to sign up annually?

A: No. SEFLIN OneCards expire after one year. When a patron returns to your library, you will be able to note the date of creation to determine the expiration date and renew their access. We are tracking new sign ups through the self-serve form.

Q: How do we get the total number of One Card holders for our library? I see that the home library has not been recorded in the current google sheet.

A: With a unique patron type ID for OneCard users in your ILS, you will be able to run a report whenever you like. The new system includes information about the home library. We will transfer the 2023 data into the Google sheet with home library information. Thank you for bringing this up! 

Q: Would we need to create new circ rules for a new patron type and then adjust all our current reports to include this type?

A: Yes, please use the loan rules determined by your local organizations for this type of user. We will contact you quarterly to request usage reports. 

Q: Where can current holders find this information? 

A: There is no action needed for current holders until their access expires. When they renew in 2024, they will use the self-serve form so that libraries add them to their ILS with the OneCard user unique patron ID. 

Q: Can we continue to issue OneCard users a regular library card? 

A: Yes, but they will need a unique patron ID in order to differentiate this type of user. 

Q: When will be the official start?

A: Our projected “go live” date is tentatively set for September 25, 2023. 

Q: Will all participating libraries have their lending policies updated on the website by then?

A: Libraries may continue to send their policy updates. SEFLIN has not received any recent requests for policy updates. As requested, SEFLIN will update blank fields with the term “please inquire within the library.”

Q: Will SEFLIN transfer all current users into the new “database”?

A: Yes.

Q: Can we get into the beta testing?

A: Yes, please do! Please send your recommendations on how to improve any aspect of the service. 

Q: What is the link to the new spreadsheet/database?

A: The link to the new “database” is now live here

Q: Will libraries be allowed to put the QR code link for self-registration on our webpage?

A: Please do! Here is a link to the graphic.

Q: Regarding that Google form:

            What if people don’t have an email at their home library? 

A: The field has been updated to non-required

            Can the home library card number be mandatory? 

A: We have added a field to input the home library card number but it will not be mandatory, as decided by the committee. 

            Can we NOT use the term Circulation Representative?  Could it say Library Staff? 

A: Yes. The language has been updated on the form to indicate “Library Staff.” We will update other instances of the terminology.

Q: In the Google spreadsheet, how will home library indicate patron is active and in good standing? (will there be specific fields?)

A: The home library will enter the information in the indicated column or use the comment feature, if they do not have editing privileges. We will give editing permission to the email addresses provided to us but also offer this option in case you would like to delegate this work to other library staff (see example below). 

Patron Good Standing (mark as verified by library staff with the work “APPROVED” and include initials)


Q: What if a patron scans the QRcode in Palm Beach County,  self registers (enters their info) there and immediately goes to the desk to get a card. 

What happens? 

Are they sent away to their “home system” first? 

            Will PBC call us to maybe expedite the process? 

            What if they are open and we are closed?

A: The committee is working on a solution for this situation. The work around, in the meantime, is for the visiting library to call the home library to verify that the patron is in good standing. Upon receiving approval from the home library, the visiting library may verify the patron in the response form and add the patron to their membership as a OneCard patron. 

Q: Will we be notified that some patrons have “registered” with the QRcode by email?   or will we need to check each day for new users waiting for our approval? How will we find them?

A: The last question on the self-serve submission is an acknowledgement that the patron is to inform library staff that they have submitted a request for the OneCard. If your library is interested in receiving email notifications of OneCard self-serve form submissions, email and we will set that up. 

 Q: Who is the sticker “for”?  The home library or the ONECard library?  I don’t understand the purpose if the “clearance” and expiration date also needs to be verified in the database.

A: The purpose of the OneCard sticker is to visually identify the user as a OneCard patron and all libraries are invited to use it, if this works for them, but it is not required.  

Q: This seems to mean we will only keep stats on patrons from other Seflin libraries given a ONEcard here.  (we do already have a profile in sirsi for these guests and will be able to provide whatever stats you need) Is this correct?

A: This is correct! We will collect these on a quarterly basis. 

If you would like to schedule delivery of these stats in your system, please use these dates: 

  • Delivery date Jan 1 for Oct-Dec stats
  • Delivery date Apr 1 for Jan-Mar  stats
  • Delivery date Jul 1 for Apr-Jun stats
  • Delivery date Oct 1 for Jul-Sep stats

The stats requested are:

  1. Number of OneCard patrons added to your database during quarter period being reported (the Jan 1 report will include data for Oct-Dec)
  2. Number of times OneCard patrons used library services (please use your local protocols already in place, i.e., checkouts, room reservations, etc.)

Recording of SEFLIN OneCard Refresh Overview