Breakthrough Digitization and Digitization Hosting Awards – Appendix

Library Cooperative Grant Guidelines and Application

Chapter 1B-2.011(2)(c), Florida Administrative Code, Effective 11-2018.

All grant and local matching funds must be spent on resource sharing activities as identified in Section II. – Program Priorities and as described by the multitype library cooperative’s long-range plan, and annual plan of service and expenditure, and the proposed activities and budget in the grant application. All grant- and local-match-funded products and services shall be offered at no cost to FLIN member libraries in each multitype library cooperative’s geographic service area.
Expenditures shall be in compliance with the state guidelines for allowable project costs as outlined in the Department of Financial Services’ Reference Guide for State Expenditures (dated February 2011), incorporated by reference, which are available online at

Grant and local matching funds may be used for:
1. Resource Sharing Activities. Resource sharing activities include purchase or lease of electronic databases or resources that are shared with all FLIN member libraries in the region, interlibrary loan (ILL), ILL assessments, digitization, or statewide delivery service stops. Other resource sharing activities may be identified in the multitype library cooperative’s long-range plan and annual plan of service.
2. Loading Records. Examples include: loading a library’s bibliographic records for the first time, updating records (adds, deletes, cleanup), creating new records and/or providing a cataloging utility that adds records to the statewide database, such as CatExpress.
3. Consultation in Relation to Resource Sharing. Providing guidance, information and assistance to libraries on the record loading process, resource sharing and innovations in the use of technologies related to resource sharing and on the creation and sharing of significant local digital content.
4. Facilitation in Relation to Resource Sharing. Facilitating services or contracts that assist libraries in loading records, sharing e-books or databases, implementing technologies related to resource sharing, or creating and sharing significant local digital content.
5. Technology Related to Resource Sharing. Research, exploration, promotion or purchase of technology related to bibliographic record enhancement and library innovations related to resource sharing.
6. Training. Training in support of any of the resource sharing activities given above or as a stated and approved activity within the grant application or approved project revisions.
7. Operational Costs. Operational costs for resource sharing activities required to accomplish items 1-6 above, such as salaries, rent, etc. These costs should be allocable to the program and auditable.

Digitization projects supported by grant funding (including matching funds) will be required to:
• Be harvestable by the Sunshine State Digital Network to be made available on the Digital Public Library of America. More information is found at
• Have all rights and permissions as required under current law to create and make available to the public the content of the items that are planned to be digitized. The Division reserves the right to request rights and permissions and documentation.
• Follow the Technical Guidelines for Digitizing Cultural Heritage materials (dated September 2016) (, incorporated by reference.
• Include copyright information at the item level using the rights statements found at incorporated by reference.

Unallowable Uses of Grant Funds

Grant funds may not be used for construction, food or other expenditures not allowable under Florida Statutes. Grant funds may not be used on activities that are not resource sharing or bibliographic record enhancement or that are not in alignment with the Library Cooperative Grant Program priorities or the grant application and Change Requests included in the grant agreement.