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Equipment Loans

Digitization Kit

SEFLIN has built an entry-level digitization kit complete with laptop, scanner, digital camera, copystand, and studio lighting that is available for use by SEFLIN member institutions for small, exploratory, or community digitization activities. The request and borrowing policy for this kit are available here. If your library is interested in borrowing this kit or would like further information about the equipment specs, please contact the Director of Digital Services.

Podcasting Kit

The SEFLIN Portable Podcasting Kit is comprised of professional, but entry-level, equipment suitable for various types of audio projects. The Portable Podcasting Kit includes a digital voice recorder, XLR microphones, microphone stands, and a laptop preloaded with the audio-editing software Audacity. The Portable Podcasting Kit is available for use by all SEFLIN member institutions looking to explore the possibility of podcasting, recording oral histories, or other audio-related projects. The borrowing policy can be found here. If your library is interested in borrowing the Portable Podcasting Kit, or would like more information about the equipment, please contact the Director of Digital Services.

Mobile Innovation Lab

SEFLIN will be partnering with public libraries in our region for a pilot YOUmedia project, providing the following:

• A mobile learning lab
• Technological professional development
• Opportunities to collaborate with professionals both local and national through (the YOUmedia Community of Practice ).

The goal of the project is to support public libraries as they:

• develop an extended peer collaborative network
• promote digital inclusion, technology training
• youth engagement
• increase community partnerships

For more detailed information please see the Learning Labs in Libraries and Museums report and our LibGuide
YOUmedia network community of practice is an open community of professionals who share knowledge, questions, and collaboration.

DigitalYouthDiscussionGrp 1


  • Four creative computers equipped with Adobe Creative Suite, Garage Band
  • Four USB 1 TB Hard-Drives, magic mouse, computer cover
  • One Digital Camera
  • One 61 Key Keyboard
  • Three 25 Key Keyboards
  • One Guitar
  • Three IPads with Boxes
  • One Wacom Tablet
  • One USB Mic
  • Four Sets of Headphones
  • One Spark Education Pack
  • One Little Bits Synth Kit
  • One Little Bits Code Kit
  • One Hands-On Stem Learning Kit
  • One Gizmos and Gadgets
  • One Printer
  • Ink & Photo Paper
  • Licenses for


  • Explore possible community partnerships with youth organizations, schools in service area, and offer weekly programs.
  • Develop and host weekly programs using Adobe Creative Suite and to aid in professional development opportunity and services to youth.
  • Use Biblioboard to upload and document student projects
  • Provide two staff members who will attend  10 webinars/building community collaboration and 4 face to face training.
  • Provide video and photo footage of process for 2018 Virtual Conference Video.
  • Use resources to develop community-focused programs
  • Explore strategies for teen engagement.
  • Explore systems to recruit and support (mentor staff)
  • Provide physical space and allow teen involvement in design of temporary learning space.
  • Participate in evaluation of the project and collecting usage statistics.
  • Provide opportunity for YOUmedia philosophy of (HOMAGO) hang out, mill around, geek out.
  • Explore Connected Learning Framework.
  • Continue use of books into exploration of learning