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Florida International University

Library Location

11200 SE 8 ST.

Miami, FL 33199


Library Contact

Genevieve Diamond at Green Library 293

11200 SW 8th Street

Miami, FL 33199


Library Hours

Local Borrowing Policies

Local Library Rules and Policies: Florida International University Libraries Consortium Procedures Consortium card eligible period: Cards issued to faculty/staff are valid for one year. Cards issued to students are valid for one academic semester. FIU Delinquent Patrons at Other Consortium Libraries: FIU Consortium Affairs takes every precaution to ensure that the patrons we are recommending to other Consortium Libraries have good borrowing records at our own library. In turn, we request that FIU patrons, who have acquired delinquent status as consortium borrowers, be reported to us immediately. Consortium Affairs will contact the patron as follows: First Notification of Delinquency: Letter advising the patron that his/her FIU library privileges have been canceled until he/she has cleared his/her delinquent status. Second Notification or Continued Delinquency Status: Consortium Technician contacts the patron by phone. Library privileges will remain canceled until delinquency status is cleared. Proof of clearance will be accepted at the Access Services Department (Circulation Department) in the form of a payment receipt or payment statement from the lending library and/or direct notification from the lending library. Patrons From Other Consortium Libraries Delinquent at FIU: Overdue fines accrue at 25 cents per day per item. After 30 days, any non returned or non renewed item will be charged at a minimum of $105. Fine and bill notices will be generated and mailed stating the amounts owed. At the point of a lost item charge or $30.00 in overdue fines: Home Campus is notified (see end of procedures). Patron is notified of the above charges. The library privileges are BLOCKED at FIU and will remain blocked until all bills/fines are paid. Patron has acquired a $105 minimum charge per unreturned item. Patrons who return items after thirty (30) days overdue will be charged a $10.00 fine per item. In this case a fine notice is not generated or mailed. 

Other Locations

Primary Contact – Biscayne Bay Campus: 

Jude Cobham 3000 NE 151st Street, LIB

106C North Miami FL 33181