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Reciprocal Library Use and Borrowing Policy Agreement


The purpose of the SEFLIN One Card Library Card (One Card) program is to facilitate reciprocal borrowing among academic, public, and school libraries. The libraries participating in this program are members of SEFLIN and agree to the terms of this policy. Library participation in the project is voluntary. This policy identifies eligible users of the One Card and specifies the responsibilities of participating libraries.

The libraries participating in the One Card project endeavor to:

  • Collectively leverage their library resources for the benefit of their communities
  • Minimize restrictions on the use of their library resources, while recognizing the nature of the resources, the existence of licensing and use agreements imposed on the resources, and the mission of each participating library
  • Provide reference services to library users as a vital component of resource sharing

Eligible Users of the One Card:

One Cards may be issued by participating libraries or library systems to their own library card holders. Library card holders must meet at least one of the criteria listed below to receive a One Card from their library. The library issuing the card will verify the eligibility criteria of the person requesting the card.

  • Any library user, 16 years old or older, who has a valid library card or the equivalent issued by one of the participating libraries or library systems
  • Staff persons belonging to participating libraries or library systems
  • Faculty members and students belonging to the participating libraries or institutions
  • Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate high school students (of any age) who have a valid library/media center card or the equivalent (The One Card will be issued only by the designated One Card administrator from the participating school system/district.)
  • All users must be in good standing at all participating institutions.
  • All borrowers must submit a second form of identification (current driver’s license, state identification, or school identification) along with the SEFLIN One Card to access borrowing privileges at participating libraries.

Lending Guidelines:

Member institutions participating in the One Card program will follow these lending guidelines:

  • A maximum of five (5) books may be borrowed in accordance with institutional limits.
    14-21 day checkout periods for books with one (1) renewal.
  • No interlibrary loan privileges will be granted. Interlibrary loans must still be placed through the borrower’s home institution.
  • Limited/no borrowing of high-use, high-demand, or popular titles, (e.g. new bestsellers, current textbooks, test preparation guides.) Each library may impose restrictions on specific collections, items, special services, or privileges.
  • Borrower is responsible for all fines incurred for overdue late charges in accordance with lending library policies.
  • Borrower is responsible for all fines and fees incurred for lost or damaged materials.
  • The One Card expires after a calendar year or academic term.
  • The One Card becomes null and void upon user losing borrowing privileges at the home institution.

Responsibilities of Libraries Participating in the One Card Program:

SEFLIN member institutions participating in the One Card Project agree to:

  • Issue One Cards to their library users who qualify for a card as specified above.
  • Honor the One Card when it is presented at their library by a qualified card holder.
  • Permit One Card users to borrow materials according to the One Card Minimum Lending Guidelines and Responsibilities above, or according to more generous privileges that the participating library may adopt.
  • Recognize that library use policies and procedures at the library where users present the One Card will be in force.
  • Issue each One Card through SEFLIN’s One Card Web portal.
  • Designate a single point of contact for the administration of the One Card Program. The contact will be available to other participating libraries for consultations and assistance with One Card related issues.
  • Cooperate with the libraries honoring One Cards when action is requested regarding delinquent accounts that are traceable to the use of One Cards. The library issuing the One Card may also take action according to its own guidelines and procedures.
  • Assume responsibility for the costs associated with damaged or unreturned materials traceable to the use of One Cards issued by the respective library. The library issuing the One Card will take responsibility for the costs related to replacing materials belonging to other participating libraries that are damaged or not returned.
  • Penalties and fines for the late return of materials will be imposed in accordance with the guidelines of each library honoring the One Card, respectively.