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Procedures for Card Issuance

The staff of participating libraries may create new One Cards for their qualifying library users. Library staff must have a user account on the SEFLIN website. Login procedures require your email address and SEFLIN password.
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1. Check your library ILS to establish the user as a member of your library and in good standing.

2. Direct your browser to to open the One Card Portal. Login with the email and SEFLIN password you use to register for SEFLIN events. You will be authenticated and affiliated with your library.

3. Choose the ADD MEMBER link.

4. Enter the user’s name, choose the card type, home library institution and branch, and card issue date and card expiration date (check your library policy). Click Save

5. Click the Submit tab and find your new user. Make sure the information entered is correct and make a note of the ID#

6. Complete the back of the SEFLIN One Card, give to the user and ask for their signature. Participating libraries and links to their information can be found here.