Company Name Ingram Library Services
Specialty Collection and Content
Library Type Public Library, Academic Library, School Library, Municipal Library, Special Library
Contact Name Brandy Swett
Phone 1-800-937-5300 ext. 31310
Description Special terms offered to NEFLIN & SEFLIN library members
Long Description See link below for special terms for library members of NEFLIN & SEFLIN. Minimum spending commitment of $5,000 a year. New terms are updated every year on August 1st.

Ingram Library Services – Updated – August 1st 2021

Ingram has a larger catalog of titles, fast fill rate, and offers a full discount on more titles than any other vendor.

To open a new account to start purchasing, visit our website and navigate to the library page. Click on the Get Started button to fill out an application online.

Feel free to reach out to Tom or Brandy for more information about doing business with Ingram Library Services.

Link to Information

Tom Graziosi
Senior Sales Representative
Phone 615-462-1138

Brandy Swett
Inside Sales Representative
Phone 1-800-937-5300 ext. 31310
Fax: 1-888-210-4161

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