Company Name Library Automation Technologies Inc
Specialty Technology Products
Library Type Public Library, Academic Library, School Library, Municipal Library, Special Library
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Phone 856-566-4121
Description Member discounts range from 5% to 18% off list prices.
Long Description Products: Include complete automated self-service checkout systems, complete self-service optical media secure storage and circulation system, staff operated optical media secure storage system for behind the circulation desk, innovative and low cost digital signage, and more.
Discounts: Member discounts range from 5% to 18% off list prices. Please see the Consortium Discount Schedule
Library Automation Technologies, Inc. is excited to introduce a new product! We are extending our 15% discount on all qkClean (PC-Germ-Guard) purchases. Here is a description and links to more information about our PC-Germ-Guard qkClean
qkClean is a computer-controlled dispenser that prevents the use of the computer until “hands cleaning/sanitization” is performed by the user. It eliminates “choice” and makes hand sanitization a requirement for anyone who wants to use the computer; otherwise, the computer remains locked.
The dispenser can be refilled with any liquid hand sanitizer or soap. qkClean system includes a free secure portal that alerts administration when a refill is required and also logs and keeps track of the usage for reporting and analysis.
The qkClean™ device can be used anywhere where shared computer usage is prevalent such as patron computer stations and OPACs. Besides promoting good habits, qkClean™
deployment proactively assures a safe and healthy environment.
More information, pictures, and videos can be viewed at
Here is a quick video that shows how it works.
LAT-Cube™ is an automated and secured dispensing vault for your CD/DVD/BluRay media collection with a built-in patron self checkout system.
LAT-Stena™ is a unique system designed specifically for library staff to quickly dispense as well as securely and compactly store CD/DVD/BluRay media behind the circ desk.
LAT-Leap™ is a friendly, ergonomically correct, fully ADA compliant, compact patron self checkout system. No wires, nice and clean. With numerous options
LAT-OPAC™ is a versatile OPAC station that can be embedded in end-panels or stand-alone kiosks, and can be empowered to allow your patrons access to a multitude of resources.
qkClean™ is a comprehensive solution to stop the spread of virus and germs on shared or public-use computers. It consists of a dispenser and a cloud-based administrative platform.
LAT-EasySign™ creates a digital sign out of any screen.It is an Innovative, low-cost platform that offers a wide range of features and capabilities
We are happy to answer any questions you or your member libraries might have about this new product. Members should let us know that they are taking advantage of our qkClean 15% discount or our consortium discount when they inquire or order.

This project was funded under the provisions of the State of Florida Library Cooperative Grant program, administered by the Department of State’s Division of Library and Information Services.

Division of Library and Information Services