Company Name Ristech Inc. / Kirtas Inc.
Specialty Technology Products
Library Type Public Library, Academic Library, School Library, Municipal Library, Special Library
Contact Name Julie Galardo
Phone 877-761-0444
Description Ristech provides equipment to libraries, such as book sterilizers, as well as book and archive scanners.
Long Description The SB 601 book sterilizer is a walk-up book sterilizer designed to kill germs and viruses, including the SARS virus that causes COVID-19. The STERI-Book also incorporates a filtration system that collects dust and mold! The UV-C lamps help to effectively kill mold and other parasites. It can also safely sanitize cell phones, keyboards, tablets and other library materials with ease. It will sterilize up to 6 books at a time. The following are some of the unique features only available with the SB 601:
  • 10 Hospital Grade UV-C lamps for 360-degree exposure
  • 2 High Speed Fans for Page Opening
  • Console design with castors for mobility
  • Lab Certification to eradicate COVID-19
  • Easy to use “one touch” design for staff or patrons
Full Brochure
List pricing on the SB-601 is $6425 plus shipping charges.
SEFLIN Price: $5785 USD plus shipping charges
Also, please review the easy set up and operation process in the video links below:
Ristech/Kirtas also provides other equipment to public libraries, such as book scanners and archive scanners.

This project was funded under the provisions of the State of Florida Library Cooperative Grant program, administered by the Department of State’s Division of Library and Information Services.

Division of Library and Information Services