Company Name Lucas Color Card
Specialty Consumables, Customer Services
Library Type Public Library, Academic Library, School Library, Municipal Library, Special Library
Contact Name Michael Blake
Phone 405-524-1811
Description Library cards / keytags, membership cards, plastic postcards
Long Description

Lucas Color Card is the largest Teslin library card manufacturer in the United States. We service thousands of libraries. Our 25+ years in the business has given us unmatched expertise in the library market. Our proprietary DataManager software manages everything from ensuring no duplicate cards get created to allowing libraries to see their order history and data ranges used.

Lucas has digital and offset printing capabilities to allow the greatest variety of options to best fit our customer’s needs. We have multiple lamination lines that allow for timely completion of orders.

We are familiar with all manner of barcode symbologies as well as QR codes, 2D barcodes, and IMBs for postcards.

While we don’t have catalog prices to say “You’ll get X% discount off of that price”, we do have tiered pricing based on order quantity. I can offer our best tier of pricing to your members regardless of their order quantity.

There are a number of ways for members to save even more money.

We work with one consortium who organizes libraries to order once or twice a year, all at once, so everyone enjoys maximum savings. Small libraries get the same pricing as the larger libraries.

And we never charge set up fees or version fees.

This project was funded under the provisions of the State of Florida Library Cooperative Grant program, administered by the Department of State’s Division of Library and Information Services.

Division of Library and Information Services