Company Name Meescan Inc.
Specialty Customer Services, Technology Products
Library Type Public Library, Academic Library, School Library, Municipal Library, Special Library
Contact Name Robyn Petrik
Phone 1-888-510-7095 ext 103
Description Meescan is a self-checkout system and smartphone app that’s simple to install and effortless for patrons to use. It allows librarians to get on with what they do best: organizing the library’s database, reaching out to their local community, helping p
Long Description Meescan is an innovative, subscription-based self-checkout solution that is flexible enough to meet the needs of libraries of all kinds and sizes. Patrons can use the Meescan app for self-checkout on their personal devices or on your small Meescan kiosks in the library. This self-checkout solution supports EM, RIFD, and passaround security, and works with any ILS that supports SIP2. Meescan also comes with a full suite of features at no extra cost, including wireless receipt printing, fee payments, touchless kiosk mode, and Returns. Discount: SEFLIN member libraries receive 10% off the annual Meescan license. Greater discounts are available as more members participate through the consortium.

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