Company Name Meescan Inc.
Specialty Customer Services, Technology Products
Library Type Public Library, Academic Library, School Library, Municipal Library, Special Library
Contact Name Robyn Petrik
Phone 1-888-510-7095 ext 103
Description Meescan is a self-checkout system and smartphone app that’s simple to install and effortless for patrons to use. It allows librarians to get on with what they do best: organizing the library’s database, reaching out to their local community, helping p
Long Description Meescan is an innovative, subscription-based self-checkout solution that is flexible enough to meet the needs of libraries of all kinds and sizes. Patrons can use the Meescan app for self-checkout on their personal devices or on your small Meescan kiosks in the library. This self-checkout solution supports EM, RIFD, and passaround security, and works with any ILS that supports SIP2. Meescan also comes with a full suite of features at no extra cost, including wireless receipt printing, fee payments, touchless kiosk mode, and Returns. Discount: SEFLIN member libraries receive 10% off the annual Meescan license. Greater discounts are available as more members participate through the consortium.

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This project was funded under the provisions of the State of Florida Library Cooperative Grant program, administered by the Department of State’s Division of Library and Information Services.

Division of Library and Information Services